Azimuth is a highly innovative and avant-garde Swiss watchmaking brand founded by Alvin Lye and Christopher Long in 2003. Azimuth is known for its unconventional and boundary-pushing approach to watch design, often creating timepieces that resemble mechanical toys more than traditional wristwatches.


This year Azimuth is delighted to unveil Mr. Roboto Sapphire, a 20- piece limited-edition masterpiece that epitomizes the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. Mr. Roboto Sapphire is a fusion of mechanical artistry and contemporary aesthetics. Its defining feature is the stunning sapphire crystal case, made possible only after a series of numerous complex machining operations and under the hands of a highly skilled polisher. 


The sapphire crystal case not only encases the intricate mechanical movement and showcases the mesmerizing inner workings of the watch but also offers exceptional durability and scratch resistance, ensuring that the Mr. Roboto Sapphire will stand the test of time.


Another highlight of this timepiece is the dial, which is individually crafted from a solid block of Damasus Steel, a material that was notably used for fine sword making in 1100 A.D. Due to the nature of Damasus Steel, each dial exhibits its own unique wave patterns, making every Mr. Roboto Sapphire a truly unique watch with no 2 pieces alike.


Mr. Roboto Sapphire visual appeal embodies the full-flavor revival of vintage tin robotic spaceman. The eyes and mouth placements lend for easy reading and a radical tin robot visual appearance, thanks to the highly modified complication module created in our own Azimuth Atelier. The left ‘eye’ is the hour register, right ‘eye’ is the GMT indication, the nose region represented by a whimsical rotating 3-spoke star indicating the seconds and the mouth representing a 60-min retrograde complication. 


This radical fusion of a retro-futuristic era with age-old horology, juxtaposed with a fresh idea of telling time gives way to a unique art piece that simply transcends time.

Mr. Roboto Sapphire comes with a lacquered black wooden box, a new presentation commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Azimuth, making it a perfect gift for watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts.




Solid Block CNC Cut Sapphire Crystal, 43 mm width x 50 mm length


 24mm translucent rubber strap with folding clasp.


Azimuth in-house modified Swiss movement.


Piece unique Damascus Steel pattern


GMT time, with moving seconds on Mr Roboto's nose. Retrograde minute hand.

Water Resistance