Our Story

2003 marked the year where the core development team listened to their growing restlessness with the stagnant watch industry, which was restrained by the limits of public aesthetic senses. Sterile timekeeping mechanisms and conventional designs were well received by consumers, but the team knew that watchmaking had not fully explored its limits.

They knew that it was the time for a change, a revolution. A revolution of the visual senses, of logical clockwork, of traditions and conventions.

Based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Azimuth began its journey to unknown universes. Taking on centuries of watchmaking technology, the creative minds behind Azimuth started crafting pieces that defied all reasoning, whilst paying homage to the highest qualities of traditional watchmaking.

An Azimuth timepiece is characterised by its adventurous spirit that is ever ready to take on navigation to different dimensions. It is a product of a unique universe that we humans cannot fully access, yet somehow, glimpses of that universe have been made known to us by our venturous ancestors. Time is captured and recorded according to that universe’s modus operandi, and presented to you in the most unconventional and visually-arresting of ways.