Looking over the serenity of a picturesque landscape, one can easily forget the immense dynamic power that preceded in the creation of this planet.  The creators of Azimuth have once again allowed fantasy to rein in the creation of the latest time travel machine- SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND, a Volcano Exploration Machine with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and go back in time to capture the moments of earth’s creation.


The 2021 SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND is the result of the long-running love affair between Azimuth and the world of science fiction – an obsession that has birthed some of the watch marque’s most iconic collections such as Mr. Roboto, Spaceship, and Twin Turbo.


Marrying state-of-the-art case construction, unique material treatment and contemporary design, the SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND is a direct descendant of Azimuth’s popular Spaceship collection, known for its spacecraft-inspired aesthetics, as well as ingenious jumping hour display complemented by a highly stylised, broad minute hand.


Expressing Azimuth’s uncompromising spirit of invention, the SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND cockpit-inspired look is anchored by a two-part case. It comprises an inner capsule and an outer chassis with lugs. CNC cut in Titanium, the modular case construction offers endless possibilities for new designs with the opportunity to experiment with different combinations of materials, finishing and surface treatments.

The design of the SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND evokes a time and place that is of the future. The oversized crown at 12 o’clock, instead of the typical position at three o’clock; the subtly faceted surfaces on the case; the domed sapphire crystal cover; and massive titanium hands shaped like intergalactic weapons all combine to lend the watch an otherworldly, sci-fi-inspired disposition.


The SPACESHIP PREDATOR LAVA OVERLAND spirit extends to its inner workings. The highlight of this timepiece must have been the intricate enamel hand-painted dial, depicting the ferocious flow of molten lava over land. Each dial is meticulously hand painted, and the result is no two dials are exactly alike.


Powered by a hand-wound caliber, the movement plates are are rodium plated and decorated in Cote de Geneve finishing.




2-part case consisting of a capsule and carrier in Titanium coated in black PVD. Super-domed sapphire crystal.
Sapphire crystal case back


Capsule- 43mm. Carrier- 53mm with stepped sides


Mystery Jumping Hour on a 3D minute hand


Manual winding. Cotes de Geneve with rodium finishing.


Rubber with bronze tang buckle

Water Resistance