With his eyes lit up, he swings his bright lantern and walks a few steps. Then, he shoots a slicing laser from his eyes and blows talc smoke! Inspired by the Lantern Robot of the 1950s, Mr. Roboto R1 from Planet Zug is a passionate revival of the tin robot generation of enthusiasts and enduring science-fiction lovers.

Interact with Mr. Roboto R1, who is serious, but quirky and temperamental. He is currently on a secret mission to uncover man’s plot to replace tin robots with advanced AI robotics. He knows that one day, the AI robots will destroy mankind, and he has made up the steeliest of minds to defend men at all costs. Summoning all existing robots on earth, Mr Roboto R1 is the champion for the unification of the tin robot community. Stay by his side for the ultimate battle for and defense of the human race!

Mr. Roboto R1 is always your dependable time-keeping companion. The placements lend for easy time reading despite his radical tin robot appearance. The left ‘eye’ is the hour register, the right ‘eye’ comes with the GMT indication, the ‘nose’ joins with the ‘mouth’ for the seconds and retrograde minutes placements respectively. The robust case is CNC-cut out from a hardy steel block with a warm touch of bevelled edges at the sides of the tonneau-shaped timepiece. This radical fusion of a retro-futuristic era with age-old horology gives way to a unique timepiece that transcends time.



316L stainless steel / Full Pavé


43 mm (W) x 50 mm (L)


GMT function, hours register, retrograde minutes, seconds


ETA automatic winding


Leather strap with folding clasp

Water Resistance



Full Pavé: Total carat count 8.20ct top Wesselton diamonds