Azimuth Watch, a leading name in horology, proudly introduces The Dragon, a distinctive timepiece that seamlessly weaves together the essence of Chinese zodiac symbolism and masterful craftsmanship.

Zodiac Symbolism:

  • The Dragon is a unique ode to the Chinese zodiac's twelve animals, although only the majestic Dragon takes center stage on the twelve o'clock marker. The remaining indices showcase Chinese numerals, intricately engraved to celebrate the cultural richness and symbolic significance of the zodiac.

Elemental Elegance:

  • In homage to the Year of the Dragon, The Dragon's dial features a rich forest green hue, representing the Wood Element associated with this mythical creature. Crafted from precious malachite, the green dial captures the essence of the dragon while offering a visually striking and meaningful design.

Artistry in Engraving:

  • Setting itself apart from conventional timepieces, The Dragon employs an intricate engraving technique for the Chinese numerals on the dial. The numerals are delicately engraved onto a disc made of a lustrous, mahogany-toned ceramic ring, infusing the watch with an air of sophistication. This choice not only enhances the thematic representation of the Wood Dragon but also elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the timepiece.

Vintage Movement:

  • The Dragon boasts a vintage movement - the Universal Genève MicroRotor movement Circa 1960s. This choice not only pays homage to the dragon as an ancient legend but also showcases Azimuth's secret inventory of precious vintage movements. This fusion of timeless craftsmanship with modern design exemplifies Azimuth's commitment to creating watches that transcend eras.

Azimuth Watch extends an exclusive invitation to journalists and watch connoisseurs to delve into The Dragon, an extraordinary creation harmonizing ancient symbolism with meticulous craftsmanship. For detailed information, high-resolution images, or interview requests, please contact Christopher Long at or +65 9002 6282

About Azimuth Watch:

Azimuth Watch, a powerhouse in avant-garde horology, disrupts traditional watchmaking with audacious designs and a commitment to storytelling. Known for our rebellious flair and precision craftsmanship, we don't just innovate; we defy norms and create timepieces that scream individuality. In a world where time is an art form, Azimuth Watch is the brush that paints outside the lines.





904 Stainless Steel


Box Type Sapphire Crystal


Malachite Green Stone Dial with Ceramic Hour Chapter


Universal Geneve Microrotor Movt. New Old Stock. Circa 1960s.

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